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Your 2018 Board:

Executive Director:
Col Jeff (Abe) Aebischer

Past President:
Col. Stephanie Sheppard (ANG)

MAJ Noah Siple (ARNG)

Vice President
Maj Tracy Busmann (ANG)

CPT Clint Miller (ARNG)

Lt Matt Mills (ANG)

TAG appointee ANG:
Lt Col Britt Vanshur

TAG appointee ARNG:
LTC Chris Burt

NGAUS Legislative Alert Take Action

Current Legislative Alerts, click on the links to take Action.

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-1
Time spent receiving medical care would qualify as active-duty time for Post-9/11 GI Bill education assistance

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-2
Recognize the service of the Reserve Components of the Armed Forces by honoring them with veteran status

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-3
Reauthorizing and Strengthening the National Guard State Partnership Program

Current local initiatives / priorities:

 · Improving and maintaining our working relationship with the Enlisted Association of the National Guard - Idaho (EANGUS).

 · Discounted hunting/fishing license for military members.

· Making a portion of National Guard income exempt from Idaho State tax or a Retention Benefit.

· Increasing and making the State Education Assistance Program (SEAP) permanent / lowering in-State tuition to State institutions or a Waiver.


Current Membership Numbers

Current Members Numbers by Branch

As of 3 June

ANG 87 of 139

ARNG 102 of 576

Retired 35

Total 224

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Dear Fellow Officers and Guardsmen,

As your new president of the Idaho National Guard Officers' Association

(INGOA), I want to take a moment to address the significance of participating as a member in your local and national professional organizations. It has been said many times before and rings as true today as ever before, we are facing a critical time regarding the future of the National Guard in the light of the current fiscal environment.

Participating as a member of INGOA and the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) is your way to ensure your voice and message is heard with regard to the sacrifice and contributions our National Guard members and families make in serving and defending our great country.

These are most certainly historic times in the 134-year history of NGAUS. We have not only seen our Chief of the National Guard Bureau promoted to a four star General, but have also witnessed for the first time in history the placement of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is one of the biggest legislative victories for the Guard in the last century. This was most certainly due in large part to the combined efforts of NGAUS, the Adjutants General Association of the United States (AGAUS) and the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS) . Observers familiar with the effort have stated that it was one of the best legislative efforts seen to date. What better example do we need to see the power of our membership in our professional organizations in an effort to ensure our voices are heard.

Other examples of NGAUS efforts include secured re-employment rights for Title 32 Guard duty and the expanded ability of health care professionals to reach our members who live in rural areas. Current efforts include resolutions for H-60 Mobile Aircrew Restraint System for all ARNG H-60 aircraft and Real TIme Information into the Cockpit upgrades for multiple ANG fiying platforms. NGAUS is also defending efforts to reduce drill pay as a way to reduce the deficit. With your support to the local organization INGOA, we are able ensure your voice and concerns are heard at the national level and that we as the Idaho National Guard are properly represented in the efforts mentioned above.

Your new executive committee is excited about moving the INGOA forward. New changes have already been implemented to include a new website, Facebook page, and online dues payment option using PayPal. We are in the middle of our membership drive so please take a moment to consider your participation in theINGOA and NGAUS professional organizations. Membership POCs include LTC Lopez,ARNG and Lt Davis, ANG. Please feel free to contact me as well. We appreciate your support and are always interested in your concerns or feedback. Your membership ensures the Idaho National Guard has a strong voice in our future.


al Jeff Aebisch:


Idaho National Guard Officers


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