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Your 2018 Board:

Executive Director:
Col Jeff (Abe) Aebischer

Past President:
Col. Stephanie Sheppard (ANG)

MAJ Noah Siple (ARNG)

Vice President
Maj Tracy Busmann (ANG)

CPT Clint Miller (ARNG)

Lt Matt Mills (ANG)

TAG appointee ANG:
Lt Col Britt Vanshur

TAG appointee ARNG:
LTC Chris Burt

NGAUS Legislative Alert Take Action

Current Legislative Alerts, click on the links to take Action.

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-1
Time spent receiving medical care would qualify as active-duty time for Post-9/11 GI Bill education assistance

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-2
Recognize the service of the Reserve Components of the Armed Forces by honoring them with veteran status

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-3
Reauthorizing and Strengthening the National Guard State Partnership Program

Current local initiatives / priorities:

 · Improving and maintaining our working relationship with the Enlisted Association of the National Guard - Idaho (EANGUS).

 · Discounted hunting/fishing license for military members.

· Making a portion of National Guard income exempt from Idaho State tax or a Retention Benefit.

· Increasing and making the State Education Assistance Program (SEAP) permanent / lowering in-State tuition to State institutions or a Waiver.


Current Membership Numbers

Current Members Numbers by Branch

As of 3 June

ANG 87 of 139

ARNG 102 of 576

Retired 35

Total 224

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Message from Maj Gen Sayler concerning potential effects of sequestration

Men and Women of the Idaho National Guard,

I want to let each of you know that I am very concerned about the potential
effects of sequestration. If elected leaders in our nation's capitol are
unable to reach an agreement by 1 March, it's clear the Department of
Defense will be seriously affected. I'm very aware that this issue is of
great concern to each of you and your families and I want to assure you that
I, my staff and our Governor take it very seriously.

If the sequestration does in fact occur, it's too soon to know exactly what
it will mean for us. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has made it clear;
however, that it would cause severe damage to the Department of Defense and
our national defense posture. Part of the budget cuts would very likely
result in civilian furloughs - to include our non-dual status civilian
employees and federal military technicians. There is discussion of federal
technicians being forced to take days off without pay. However, I expect
drill periods would still occur.

While much is still unknown, Secretary Panetta has assured us that all
affected employees will be provided at least 30 days' notice prior to any
furlough taking place. You can be certain that I will keep you informed of
new developments as I become aware of them.

I know our elected leaders also take sequestration seriously, and there is
still hope of avoiding it. But since I don't think I can say it better than
he did, I will close this message by echoing Secretary Panetta in a message
he put out today: "As we deal with these difficult issues, I want to thank
you for your patience, your hard work, and your continued dedication to our
mission of protecting the country. Our most important asset at the
department is our world-class personnel. You are fighting every day to keep
our country strong and secure, and rest assured that the leaders of this
department will continue to fight with you and for you."

Maj Gen Gary Sayler

Commanding General, IDNG

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