Current Elected Office Contact Information

Officer Elections...

Your 2018 Board:

Executive Director:
Col Jeff (Abe) Aebischer

Past President:
Col. Stephanie Sheppard (ANG)

MAJ Noah Siple (ARNG)

Vice President
Maj Tracy Busmann (ANG)

CPT Clint Miller (ARNG)

Lt Matt Mills (ANG)

TAG appointee ANG:
Lt Col Britt Vanshur

TAG appointee ARNG:
LTC Chris Burt

NGAUS Legislative Alert Take Action

Current Legislative Alerts, click on the links to take Action.

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-1
Time spent receiving medical care would qualify as active-duty time for Post-9/11 GI Bill education assistance

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-2
Recognize the service of the Reserve Components of the Armed Forces by honoring them with veteran status

NGAUS Legislative Alert #15-3
Reauthorizing and Strengthening the National Guard State Partnership Program

Current local initiatives / priorities:

 · Improving and maintaining our working relationship with the Enlisted Association of the National Guard - Idaho (EANGUS).

 · Discounted hunting/fishing license for military members.

· Making a portion of National Guard income exempt from Idaho State tax or a Retention Benefit.

· Increasing and making the State Education Assistance Program (SEAP) permanent / lowering in-State tuition to State institutions or a Waiver.


Current Membership Numbers

Current Members Numbers by Branch

As of 3 June

ANG 87 of 139

ARNG 102 of 576

Retired 35

Total 224

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Leader Development

Below are leader development resources for officers of the Idaho Army National Guard. Requests for resource links to be added can be sent to Requests will be vetted by the IDARNG Leadership Council.

Subscribe to the IDARNG Leader Development YouTube Channel (HERE)

The Military Leader
The Military Leader is designed to provide leaders of all professions with resources and insight they can use to develop themselves and their organizations. Visitors are welcome to share experiences and insight to add value to The Military Leader community.

The Tactical Leader
The Tactical Leader is just a great place for Company Grade Officers to get some insight on the developing fronts of learning at the tactical level. Anyone going to the National Training Center (NTC), will benefit from the discussions found in this community.

The Field Grade Leader
The Field Grade Leaders is a Facebook community where strategies and best practices are shared for officers working as operational leaders or fulfilling their Key Development assignments.

The Military Writers Guild
The Military Writers Guild exists to gather writers committed to the development of the profession of arms through the exchange of ideas in the written medium.

The Pen and the Sword
The Pen and the Sword, the podcast of the MWG, features discussions with service members, veterans, civilian analysts, and writers on the big questions surrounding war and the written word. The podcast, which comes out approximately on a monthly basis.

Blogs worthy of following

The Strategy Bridge

Task & Purpose 

The Angry Staff Officer

From the Green Notebook

Doctrine Man (Facebook only)

DeadCarl Clausewitz (Facebook only)

Professional Skill Development

Army eLearning (Skillsoft)
Over 3,500 web-based courses in Information Technology, Business, Leadership, and Personal Development.

Books 24/7
The Army's free source for business, industry, leadership, technology, and industry books. eCopy and Audio.

Tools from TAG Leadership Training

Counseling & Career Path Infographic

Counseling Presentation (TAG Leadership) 11FEB17

Script for presentation on Counseling 11FEB17

Idaho Professional Organizations

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